shops near the house
under one application

50$ per month

Do you have a functioning store at home and your turnover is falling?

We offer a subscription service without reference to the turnover. We will sell your goods to customers in your area and compete with aggregators who take your customers.


Comprehensive business solution on the delivery of products

● You define your delivery area and delivery time.

● You determine the assortment and prices. Sell at least potatoes or phones.

● You receive orders from users who have downloaded the app and are in the delivery zone that you have defined. You can set the minimum order price and order delivery time for certain areas in your delivery area.

● Through the web interface you get access to the management of balances, assortment.

● The design of printed and banner ads has already been developed and is constantly being updated. You don't need to spend money on a designer.

● You don't need to set up targeted advertising. Our specialist will set it up for you.

● We collect detailed statistics from all of them, which takes into account seasonality and prices. We will help you form the optimal product matrix.

● We will supply you with bags for couriers and uniforms.

Like this is it working?

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    ● upload the product to the system

    ● specify the delivery area

    ● set the minimum order amount and delivery time

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    ● we show your products to users who are in your delivery area

    ● your competitors' customers start ordering from you

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    ● receive orders from customers

    ● You deliver orders

How join?

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    Circle your delivery area on the map

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    Upload your product to the system

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    Deliver and earn

Why us?

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    We are the only ones who provide such a service

    Our system includes:

    ● Client Application

    ● Storekeeper's App

    ● Courier Application

    ● CRM system

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    We will take care of the little things

    We will set up effective online advertising for you in your area.

    We will help with offline advertising.

    We will supply you with courier clothes and bags at low prices.

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    New trading format

    The online trading revolution!

    Where each partner contributes to the formation of a single brand.

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